About our Blog

Welcome to our Blog! Here, you’ll find insights from our work as Data Analysts in the domain of scholarly communication. With this blog, we want to engage with the broader community about how to support data-driven workflows and decision-making around scholarly communication with R.

We are based at the Göttingen State and University Library, one of the largest academic libraries in Germany. We are using R-based tools in our everyday work and contribute to R package developments and training activities. In this blog, you’ll find news and case-studies around:

We want to thank Maëlle Salmon for encouraging us to start a blog about our work. As a technical framework for the blog, we are using Distill for R Markdown, a new web publishing format optimized for scientific and technical writing.

Dr. Anne Hobert, Najko Jahn


If you see mistakes or want to suggest changes, please create an issue on the source repository.


Text and figures are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 4.0. Source code is available at https://github.com/subugoe/scholcomm_analytics, unless otherwise noted. The figures that have been reused from other sources don't fall under this license and can be recognized by a note in their caption: "Figure from ...".