Automatically check metadata compliance for funded open access articles.

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Why Metadata Compliance Matters

Open access grants and transformation contracts with publishers increasingly require licensing metadata.

General metadata recommendations:

Supporting Libraries and OA Funders

The compliance checker helps libraries and funders of open access publications streamline their metadata monitoring.

  • Become Metadata Compliant

    Independently verify that your publications are compliant with the metadata requirements of library consortia and funding agencies.
  • Identify Areas of Improvement

    Identify nonconforming metadata and target the publishers and publications to best improve your compliance.
  • Receive Emailed Reports

    Get high-quality reports parametrised for your institution and funded publications by email.
  • Dig Down into your Data

    Use generated spreadsheets with your own tools and analyses.
  • Get Answers

    Rely on the community of users and experts to interpret results and troubleshoot concompliant or missing metadata.
    FAQs are coming soon.
  • Use Open Source for Open Access

    Co-create value for the community by using a compliance tool powered by open source software and based on open data.
    Contributions are welcome.

Technical Implementation

The Open Access Metadata Compliance Checker is powered by metacheck, an R package.

The package includes:

  • compliance checks
  • a parametrised rmarkdown compliance report
  • a webapp to send e-mail reports